Geriatric Rehab 114: Hospice and End of Life - Online Seminar

Discipline(s): OT PT

Subject: Geriatric Rehabilitation

Seminar Sponsor: Online CE

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Geriatric Rehab 114:  Hospice and End of Life

·        Understand the concept of a "good death"

·        Outline and describe the physiological process of dying

·        Understand the progressive changes that occur in the final months or terminal phase

·        List 5 physiologic signs of approaching death

·        List 5 psychosocial and spiritual signs, symptoms and interventions for the actively dying

·        Become familiar with hospice and palliative care

·        Review models of physical therapy practice in hospice and palliative care

 Instructor:  Brown, MS, OT, CHT

$36 2 CEU

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