Geriatric Rehab 105: Impaired Aerobic Capacity/Endurance - Online Seminar

Discipline(s): OT PT

Subject: Geriatric Rehabilitation

Seminar Sponsor: Online CE

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Geriatric Rehab 105:  Impaired Aerobic Capacity/Endurance

·        Define factors that influence aerobic capacity in older adults

·        Understand physiology of aerobic capacity and exercise

·        List tests and measures to assess aerobic capacity and endurance

·        Understand commonly used scales including angina, dyspnea, claudication and perceived exertion scales

·        Understand evaluation, diagnosis and prognosis of older adults with aerobic impairment

·        List interventions used with older adults with aerobic impairment

 Instructor:  Brown, MS, OT, CHT

$36 2 CEU

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