Anti-Aging Certificate Program- Online Seminar

Discipline(s): OT PT Chiro

Subject: Geriatric Rehabilitation

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Anti-Aging Certificate Program:

Anti-aging is the newest and most exciting area of health and wellness. This course will teach a person the factors and influences associated with aging and what can be done to perhaps slow the aging process. It will also cover strategies to living a longer and healthier life.


The course begins with aging statistics and then begins discussing the variables associated with aging. These include exercise, stress and emotions, social relationships and religion, alcohol, smoking, antioxidants and their role in relationship to cancer and heart disease, food quantity and weight control, diet types, habits and patterns, and anti-aging foods and beverages.


Once the course is completed you will receive the anti-aging manual and outline. These tools allow you to administer an anti-aging program.


Course Educational Objectives:

1.         Identify the health spectrum

2.         Investigate the various facts associated with aging

3.         Determine the difference between sickly aging and normal aging

4.         Investigate the various theories of aging

5.         Recognize the most common theory of aging


Credit Hours: 12

Course Cost: $395


This continuing education course may be taken by allied health professions including but not limited to Massage Therapists, Chiropractic Physicians, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractic Assistants, Occupational Therapists/Assistants, and Physical Therapists/Assistants.


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