Pharmacology 102: Pharmacology for Physical Therapy Practitioners- Online Seminar

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Subject: Assorted Topics

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Pharmacology 102

  Pharmacology for Physical Therapy Practitioners


  • Define and analyze the general principles of the nervous system, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic uses and toxicology of drugs.
  • Describe the different drug sources, drug classification groups, and routes of administration.
  • Describe the effects of basic physical therapy modalities, such as exercise, heat, cold, and manual techniques, on pharmacokinetics.
  • Discuss the mechanism of action, adverse effects, modification of some effects, and side effects of the drugs used to treat the common cardiovascular, pulmonary, orthopedic, metabolic, and neurological conditions commonly encountered by physical therapists.
  • Develop the abilities to find up-to-date information on drugs and apply such in current physical therapy practice in conjunction with the different physical therapy modalities.

Aniceta, PT

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