Foot and ankle management for therapeutic gait: serial casting and bracing considerations- Webinar

Date: 06/19/19

Time: 1 pm and 7 pm EST

Discipline(s): OT PT

Subject: Neurologic

Seminar Sponsor: Mobility Research - Institute of Continuing Education

Phone Number: (480) 829-1727

Contact Email:

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Course Description: Foot and ankle management for therapeutic gait: serial casting and bracing considerations


Presented by:  Amanda Hall, PT, MPT, PCS, ATP

Course Date: 06/19/2019

Sponsor: Mobility Research

90 minute webinar


Course Description: This webinar will discuss the function and dysfunction of the foot and ankle complex in the context of gait for patients with neurologic and pediatric health conditions. Using a kinesiopathological model, participants will learn to perform differential diagnosis for ankle limitations, including contributing drivers, limiting structures, and compensations. Attendees will learn evidence-based strategies to address joint mobility and alignment while using techniques to decrease tonic muscle contractions and patient stress. Participants will then learn key concepts for aligning therapeutic casts and orthotics to maximize impact on joint function and gait.


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this webinar, participants will:

  1. Differentiate contributing factors influencing restricted ROM at the ankle, including structural alignment, ground reaction forces, muscular pull, joint and soft tissue mobility, and directional susceptibility to movement.
  2. Define hindfoot and gait diagnostic groups and indications for intervention for each.
  3. Describe evidence based manual interventions to improve ankle alignment and mobility.
  4. Identify candidates for orthotic and casting intervention using the ICF model.
  5. Discuss design of cast and orthotics to maximize therapeutic gait, using strategies to impact shank kinematics and kinetics with ground reaction force.


Course Timeline: 90 minutes

5: Introduction and review of terminology

10: Ankle function and dysfunction

10: Literature regarding ankle interventions

10: Ankle examination

10: Hindfoot diagnosis groups

10: Gait diagnosis groups

10: Therapeutic Casting Considerations

10: Orthotic Design Considerations

10: Additional interventions

5: Q&A and post test


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