Children diagnosed with ASD start off on the right foot with treadmill training- Webinar

Date: 03/26/19

Time: 1 pm and 7 pm EST

Discipline(s): OT PT

Subject: Pediatric

Seminar Sponsor: Mobility Research - Institute of Continuing Education

Phone Number: (480) 829-1727

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here

Course Description: 


Pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists today are seeing a greater proportion of children diagnosed with ASD on their caseloads than they were 10 -15 years ago.  The experiences of a fairly large outpatient pediatric private practice are presented in this webinar, highlighting the effective use of a treadmill to promote improved sensory regulation, attention, social interaction, appropriate language, and overall level of fitness.  This course will provide a basic understanding of how to implement treadmill training in all disciplines of therapy, as a preparatory intervention to help achieve more optimal outcomes in PT, OT, and ST, as well as how to train caregivers to use this highly effective tool at home or school.



Course Objectives:

At the completion of this webinar, participants will:

1. Understand the physiological, social, and sensory benefits of treadmill training with children ‘on the spectrum’.

2. Understand how to introduce a child with a diagnosis of ASD to the treadmill.

3. Treatment ideas and tricks to maintain safe and effective use of treadmill training during therapy.

4. Understand how to address goals for ST, OT, and PT via use of the treadmill.

5. Become aware of unique considerations using the treadmill with children diagnosed with ASD


Course Timeline: 90 minutes

20 minutes: Review of ASD and CPG/recommendations for exercise

20 minutes: Unique approaches for ASD using the treadmill for PT, OT and ST

20 minutes: Case Studies/Outcomes

20 minutes: Taking it Home/Taking it to School

15 minutes: Review of specific treatment "tricks", safety, special considerations, Q&A


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