TIPI - Tapping Into Primal Instinct for the Reversal of Central Sensitization and Chronic Pain- Live Seminar

Date: 08/24/19

Time: 8 am - 5:00 pm

Location/Facility: Alternative HealthCare Solutions

City/State: Willoughby (Cleveland), OH

Discipline(s): OT PT LMP Chiro AT

Subject: Orthopedic

Seminar Sponsor: Alternative HealthCare Solutions

Phone Number: (440) 918-0836

Contact Email: tom@tomocklerpt.com

Website/Register: Click Here


The growing epidemic of chronic pain costs more than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. An accidental discovery over 30 years ago has brought important pieces of the puzzle together in the race to effective, lasting reversal of chronic pain and central sensitization. This evidenced based technique is aimed at the source of pain rather than the location of the symptoms. Given the relative addictive nature and temporary effects of the current medical model for treating chronic pain, this completely safe intervention has both strong and far-reaching application in health care.

This course involves a mix of theory, demonstration and hands on practice. Plenty of time is allotted for questions and discussion.

Due to the hands-on nature of this course, class size is limited to assure a very high quality educational experience.


* Understand the extent of the growing epidemic of chronic pain

* Describe and differentiate between pain and chronic pain

* Understand the differences between biomechanical model and biopsycho-social model of pain

* Understand the difference between pain receptors and nocireceptors

* Describe the basic pain pathways from receptor into the brain

* Understand the basic mechanisms of central sensitization

* Understand the development of the human brain over time

* Understand the basic parts of the human brain’s limbic system and their interrelated functions

* Understand some of the critical communication between your brain’s limbic system

* Understand the basic history of the development of EFT

* Recognize the alternative names for EFT

* Discuss the short falls of the original theory of energy shift in explaining EFT

* Understand why digital acupoint stimulation is effective on chronic pain

* Understand the link between treating negative emotions and chronic pain

* Perform basic acupuncture points stimulation to eliminate chronic pain

* Understand the variations of acupoint stimulation and what they are used for

* Be able to perform the basic recipe of digital acupoint tapping and some variations on painful conditions


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