Lymphedema Therapy Certification- Live Seminar

Date: 06/01/19- 06/09/19

Time: All Day

Location/Facility: Texas Woman's University

City/State: Dallas, TX

Discipline(s): OT PT LMP Chiro

Subject: Lymphedema

Seminar Sponsor: Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy

Phone Number: (866) 808-2249

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here

Course Objectives

Each student will be trained in the four components of Complete Decongestive Therapy. Upon completion of the class, the therapist will be able to differentiate between a variety of peripheral edemas as well as understand the applications, medical indications, and contraindications of MLD and CDT. Additionally, the therapist will be able to establish a CDT treatment plan for individuals with primary or secondary lymphedema and perform the indicated treatment.

Class Topics

Lymphedema Course Materials & Services Included with Tuition

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