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Posted 10/27/14

Halloween Safety for All and Cute Costumes

We love this time of year!  Colorful leaves, crisp temperatures, apple cider, and Halloween.  Halloween is an event many look forward to, but others require a little extra time and planning.  Some excellent resources for Halloween planning and inspiration include:


AOTA’s checklist for kids with sensory processing disorder is great for kids with and without this issue. 

Halloween safety checklist for kids with special needs.

The organization Austism Speaks has Halloween tips for kids with Autism.


There are always excellent CE opportunities for therapists during the Fall season!  What a great time to get your CE before the year end!  Oct 31-November 1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is APTA 2014 Student Conclave—Halloween Event includedJ


Need Halloween costume inspiration?  Check out how creative this mom/son team are:  Amazing Halloween outfits

Happy Physical Therapy Month and Spina Bifida Awareness Month! 




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