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Posted 10/13/14

World Rheumatoid Arthritis Day

October 12 is World Rheumatoid Arthritis Day.  As physical and occupational therapists, we know there is so much we can do to help these folks live better lives.  Subjects therapists focus on include mobility training, energy conservation techniques, adaptive equipment, and joint protection management are just a few.  We were inspired by all the great stories out there.  Here are three:

World Arthritis Day (WAD) organizers announced winners of it's 2043 (yes, you read that right!) competition.  Competitors submitted ideas to improve the lives of others with RA by 2043.  Some are quite clever: http://www.worldarthritisday.org/vision2043/gallery

Physical Therapist Kim Steinbarger shares her tips on managing her own RA:  http://www.everydayhealth.com/news/how-physical-therapist-manages-her-rheumatoid-arthritis/

Mariah Leach wrote, "I also have found that working to promote awareness about arthritis has brought me some personal benefits." in the blog on rheumatoidarthritis.net.

Sharing Knowledge is the only way to improve a variety of conditions including RA!  

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