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Posted 6/13/14

In Celebration of Dads with Disabled Children

Father's Day can have a whole new meaning to those dads who have children / adult children with disabilities.  Meaning being insightful, poignant, and heartwarming.  We did a little research and found some awesome books, blogs, and other resources.

New book:  Dads of Disability™ by Gary Dietz.  Read the Huffington Post Review and the original Autism Daily News posting.

Coffee Klatch has a podcast:  Dads of Disability

This gentleman walks 9 miles so his physically disabled son can attend school:  Disabled Son Carried 9 Miles.

Our all time favorite father - son love story:  32 Boston Marathons completed by this team:  Team Hoyt

Jay Scott, father of Alex Scott, founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (when she was of the ripe old age of 4).  Jay co-authored Alex's story in the book Alex's Amazing Lemonade Stand with his wife, Liz.  Both work diligently to support pediatric cancer research.

Sharing Knowledge Course Picks:  Our Pediatric Page has many great course choices!

Happy Father's Day!


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