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Posted 6/2/14

Hand Therapy Week

This week 6/2-6/8 is Hand Therapy Week!  ASHT(American Society of Hand Therapists) is celebrating by offering tips, educational opportunities, and acknowledgement of deserving OT and PT's promoting the profession.  Hand therapy is a unique area of rehabilitation where occupational and physical therapists both work as hand therapists.  Many have studied diligently and sat for the examination to become a CHT or Certified Hand Therapist.  CHT's are skilled in rehab of the upper extremity secondary to trauma and other conditions and are experts at custom fabricating thermoplastic splints.

MedRehabWeb is celebrating this week by promoting hand and upper extremity course opportunities.

Sharing Knowledge Course Picks

Hand, Elbow, and Shoulder:  Core Knowledge in Orthopedics / Online Course

Video Worth Sharing:   Drawing the Thumb Musclesby Judy Colditz, OTR HandLab

Complimentary eBook:  On the Shoulders of Giantsby Joseph H. Boyes, MD

This text explores the history of hand surgery from the 16th century until the mid-20th century. Learn about the pioneers behind such eponyms as Dupuytrendisease, Madelung deformity, and deQuervain'stendonitis, and be inspired by their tremendous contributions.

For more about the American Society of Hand Therapists:  http://www.ASHT.org

Visit our Hand and UE Rehab course section!  Thanks to ASHT and Happy Hand Therapy Week!




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