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Posted 4/20/14

Rehab Professionals and The Boston Marathon Survivors

The Boston Marathon. 

We wish all the runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon good luck!

Remembering the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, we would like to thank the rescuers for putting themselves at risk to save so many lives.  We salute the medical professionals including MD's, RN's, and therapists including OT, PT, and ST who worked for months to improve the life of each individual.  The rehab therapists who worked with many of the bombing survivors are recognized nicely in this article:  Spaulding Rehab.  We commend the victims who fought back, despite new disabilities, and were not defeated by this cowardly act of terrorism.  Survivor Gillian Remy founded a new fund, The Stepping Strong Fund, to raise money clinical programs and research related to bone and skin regeneration and treating limb-related injuries.  Lee Ann Yanni, PT joined the running group called 4.15 STRONG.  She was cheering on the sidelines last year with her husband, Nick.  She suffered a leg injury and he sustained hearing loss.  This year she is running with Nick at her side! 

The pictures in Runner's World by Robert X. Fogarty and his Dear World series are a powerful tribute to the victims who perished and those who survived.   Thank you Robert!


Go Boston!



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