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Posted 5/1/14

Thank you OT's!

The last day of OT month was yesterday. It has been a month full of awareness events (see www.AOTA.org) and education. There have been community outreach with OT's offering bike riding clinics and medical centers supporting the OT community. Blogs, tweets, and FB pages are overflowing with all the ways OT's love their profession and how the community is supporting OT.

The AOTA has recommendations on how to educate the public about OT: 

1.      Use Social Media-Describe how occupational therapy helps people live life to its fullest on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media forums. Include a link to the Times Square video on YouTube

2.      Look for Opportunities to Interact with Public Audiences-

3.      Share Your Activities

4.      Let others know how you are promoting the profession.

5.      Provide a Public Service

6.      Throw an OT Month Party

7.      Hold a Contest

8.      Confer Special Honors

9.      Inform Coworkers

10.  Make House Calls to local businesses


And, our own modification

11. Visit the OT page of our site for CE opportunities


Thank you OT's everywhere for a wonderful OT month this past April and throughout the year!  We are looking forward to SLP Month!!


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