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Posted 6/4/12

Happy Healthy Hands Week!

Healthy Hands Week is June 4-10, 2012

The American Society of Hand Therapists have published several ideas on how to celebrate Healthy Hands Week.  Here they are:


"Visit physician's offices with a kit of Healthy Hands Week promotional items, hand-shaped cookies and a brochure explaining the benefits of hand therapy.

Hold a clinic-wide kick-off party Monday (the first day of Healthy Hands Week) and invite a respected colleague to talk about how important hand therapy is to the healthcare arena.

Record a Healthy Hands Week message on the clinic answering machine.

Ask your clinic or community Chamber of Commerce to take out an ad announcing Healthy Hands Week in your local newspaper.

Offer the services of your staff to speak to local groups, such as high school or college sports programs, health clubs, the YWCA or YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary and Lion's Clubs.

Organize a Healthy Hands Week celebration team -- be certain to include a representative from as many areas as possible, like the receptionist -- and hold a brainstorming session. Some of the best ideas come from brainstorming.

Send a special "thank you" letter or message to your patients and doctors you work with.

Conduct a clinic-wide letter-writing campaign to have the governor of your state, or mayor of your town, proclaim Healthy Hands Week. Invite your mayor to a special clinic event.

Hold an open house. Serve coffee, soft drinks and cookies, and invite other departments to drop by.

Design fun baskets of hand cookies/candies to give to local schools, healthcare facilities or referring physicians. Include hand therapy statistics and benefits.

Recognize your hard-working hand therapists with a certificate of appreciation.

Send news releases on outstanding hand therapists to your local newspaper. Include comments from patients and managers with a photo of the hand therapist.

Invite your local Chamber of Commerce or other companies in the area to participate in Healthy Hands Week for a community-wide celebration. (If you are holding an open house, don't forget to invite them as your special guest.)

Hold an appreciation dinner for your hand therapy staff.

Designate a "giveaway day" during the week and award a special gift to each new patient who comes for treatment that day.

Invite all employees to an awards ceremony. Plaques can be given in recognition for areas of accomplishment through the past year.

Distribute a special Healthy Hands Week bulletin or newsletter. Feature photos and articles on your celebration ideas.

Sponsor a Healthy Hands Week poster contest and have employees' children and local schools participate. Not only will you get great designs you can display, you'll educate children at an early age on the value of hand therapy.

Be sure all therapists are aware of Healthy Hands Week. Encourage them to suggest ways to observe it.

Send a special "thank you" letter or message to the patients and doctors you work with."


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