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Posted 8/10/13

Thoughts on the Sweet Spot

Our friend, Carol, a fellow OT, sent an article via FB about a week ago.  She wrote, "This is great even if you do not have kids"! We all have seen these types of messages fly across our laptop and iDevice screens.  Despite this message, we put it on the back burner, as it was such a heavy CE planning week.  Then, it came across the screen again several days later.  Guess it was time to read!  From the first paragraph, we were pulled in.  We agree, this article is funny whether you have your own children or not.  What was it about?  What is a sweet spot and when does it occur during a child's growth?  The author feels her sweet spot, as a parent, is approximately between ages 4 and before the teens.  The out-of-diapers, but not-out-of-the-house-yet phase.  The time when children are independent, but still need parenting.  They are healthy and happy.  When they explore, learn, and play freely without effort.  As the author watched, she realized she was smack in the middle of a "sweet spot". The biggest message for us, RECOGNIZING WHEN you are in a SWEET SPOT and savoring it!

We realize there are many sweet spots in life.  Is your career in a sweet spot?  Your educational learning profile?  Your personal life?  Your athletic endeavors?  Is everything going along amazingly well and do you appreciate it?  Have you ever sat back, looked around and genuinely appreciated what you have accomplished and where you have been?  Do you feel great about completing school and passing your boards?  Are you looking forward to moving in a new direction?  Developing a program or attaining a personal goal?  Taking a CE certification or learning a new skill?

As business owners, we are always looking ahead.  How do we promote our company so more therapists can take advantage of the service we provide?  How many hours do we dedicate each week to improve our site?  How can we help other rehab professionals?  Then, we will receive a compliment, "I love your courses!", "Thanks for being so efficient and nice!", and "Thanks for this update, you made my day!.  It is when we receive a compliment that we allow ourselves to look back at all we have done in the last few years.  Then, we take a moment to savor the feedback and enjoy the sweet spot of our efforts with MedRehabWeb and PTNW.  Are you in a sweet spot?

MedRehabWeb (www.MedRehabWeb.com) is a continuing education resource listing courses on the internet across the US and Canada.  We have been promoting therapy courses for multiple CE Providers since 2010.  The original article titled The Sweet Spot by Julianna W. Minor was published in the Huffington Post and can be viewed at this link:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julianna-w-miner/the-sweet-spot_b_3617506.html



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