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Posted 2/26/13

Heart Health Month and the Mediterranian Diet

February is Heart Health Month.  The Heart Association holds their Annual Conference and many other activities are celebrated throughout the month.  We love the fact that a research article was just released yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Here is an excerpt:  

 There's a large body of research linking a Mediterranean diet one heavy on fruits, vegetables, fish and beans to heart health. But this study, published Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine, is significant both for its size it followed 7,447 people in Spain over almost 5 years and its scientific rigor. Few previous studies have succeeded in proving a direct link between a diet and a reduction in life-threatening events like strokes, instead assessing the diet's impact only on weight loss or certain cardiovascular risk factors, like blood pressure or cholesterol.

Taking Online courses addressing Stroke and Neuro Rehab by Jan Davis, of ICE Learning Center are another great way to celebrate Heart Health Month!

A fantastic way to finish up Heart Health Month!

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