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Posted 2/13/13

Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain video on YouTube:  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4b8oB757DKc.


We love this video!  It takes 5 minutes, has clear drawings, and we love the narrators Australian accent.  It is challenging to explain acute and chronic pain to patients.  Occupational and physical therapists are educating patients regarding pain on a daily basis.


These questions are common:


"Why is it so painful"? "Why does my knee continue to hurt months after my knee replacement"?  "Can swelling cause pain"?  "Shouldn't my (hip, shoulder, hand, ankle) feel better by now"?


We also hear these statements, even after explaining pain will occur and is normal:

"I didn't do my exercises because it hurt too much".  "I decided to stay on the couch yesterday, my knee was killing me".  " I haven't bathed for three days because my back was sooo sore".  "I was afraid to move".


Patients can look up this video on their computers or smart phones.  Discussion and further educational discussion with their therapist can be completed simultaneously during their exercise routine.



Have fun with this video!



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