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Posted 12/16/12

More Thoughts for CE Provider Posting Costs

More thoughts for CE providers on posting costs.

Before implementing our website www.MedRehabWeb.com, we searched for an easy platform to advertise our upcoming courses.  We never found one to satisfactorily meet our needs, so after much discussion and planning www.MedRehabWeb.com  was launched!  In addition to the considerations in the last blog posting, we suggest looking closely at cost.  When looking at cost, we discovered a wide range of cost to post courses.   Here is what we found, in general:

State PT and OT Associations charge by the calendar month and posting cost ranges from $25 to over $110 per course (1 course=1 date/location series).  If a course is posted on the 25th of the month, you will be charged for the last 3-6 days (depending on the month).   We are super supportive of State Associations and understand why they charge so much; however, these rates can be cost prohibitive to a small CE provider. 

There are some other platforms that do not charge for postings.  We recommend looking at these sites carefully as some are excellent resources and some are not.  If email blasts/newsletters are not included in the course posting fee, it might take some time before anyone actually sees your posting or it may take a lot of navigation finesse to find the posting on the site. 

For the record, we do not charge State or National Associations a posting fee.  This is our way of giving back to the rehabilitation community.  Let your Association know and contact us!

Good luck with all your course postings!

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