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Posted 12/13/12

Thank You CE Providers

We are so thankful for all the CE providers who have listed with us this year!  Posting courses can be a scary dilemma.  Here are several questions CE Providers have to solve before posting a course:

  1.          Where should I post my course?
  2.          What is the best place to post for my niche? 
  3.          Where will my particular courses be seen the most? 
  4.          Which postings will bring in the most attendees? 
  5.          What is a cost effective posting?
  6.          Are email blasts, newsletters, FB, and Twitter postings worth extra payment? 
  7.          How easy is it to post a course? 
  8.          Can the course data be modified once live on the website? 

Once CE providers have arrived at a comfortable place with posting a course, it is fairly easy to pursue.  Google Find a Seminar and several options show up including our www.MedRehabWeb.com front page!  Thank you again to all the CE providers who found us, thought we would work well in their niche, and who have posted their courses again and again.  What a great online community!  Thank you!!

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