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Online Seminar Details

Title: Yoga for Amputees Online Training
Discipline: Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy - Chiropractic
Subject: Orthopedic
Seminar Sponsor: Y4A: Yoga for Amputees with Marsha T Danzig
Email Address:

Veterans Administration approved course. A Yoga Alliance continuing education course.


The online version of Yoga for Amputees training covers all the materials equivalent to an onsite

3 day weekend immersion. The 8 week course meets LIVE by telecast weekly for 90 minutes.

Question time happens at guided intervals throughout the class.

All sessions are recorded and available for view.

During week 6 and 7, you are required to offer 2 practice sessions of one hour each to an amputee student where available. You will write out the class curriculum that you taught, and fill out the self  observation form which is included in your introductory packet.

You are strongly encouraged to practice with students as much as possible while you are learning.


Learning Objectives

· Be able to differentiate types of amputation
·Learn how to adapt yoga & breathing techniques to above, below knee, and upper extremity amputees
· Learn what muscles groups are affected
·Be able to demonstrate and teach warm ups and basic asana to amputees
· Gain tools to help amputees develop strong core muscles, essential for walking with a prosthesis , balance and using crutches or a wheelchair.
·Gain greater understanding of the psycho emotional issues associated with amputation,such as fear of falling and body image, and how yoga based tools can help heal psycho -emotional wounds
·Teach yoga & meditation techniques for phantom pain & associated pain due to limb loss



Module 1

  • The Y4A 10 Minutes to Bliss Sequence
  • What is an amputation?
  • Self inquiry practice on the spiritual implications
  • of amputation.
  • Types of Amputations and prosthetics

Module 2

Chair Yoga for Amputees

Module 3

  • Warm ups for Amputees
  • Environment, set up, preparation , ethics and
  • boundaries in a Y4A class

Module 4

Benefits and contraindications in Asana for BK, AK and UE

Module 5

In depth study of  6 poses for amputees:

Warrior I & II, Triangle, Pigeon, Chair, Tree, Bridge

Module 6

Pain Management Techniques

Yoga for Phantom Limb Pain

Module 7

The grief process

Trauma , PTSD and survivorship

Module 8

Yoga Nidra( yogic sleep) and Creative Visualization for Amputees

Bonus Session

Branding and marketing

9/5-12/7/2015 9:30 am EST