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Online Seminar Details

Title: Children's Yoga Online Training-Color Me Yoga Foundations Online Course
Discipline: Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy - Speech/Language Pathology - Chiropractic
Subject: Orthopedic
Seminar Sponsor: Color Me Yoga Foundations
Email Address:

Color Me Yoga Foundations Online Course

Start day: Monday/Duration of course: 6 weeks/End Day: Sunday

 Learning Objectives

  • To learn basic, time tested tools to bring yoga to children
  • To feel comfortable engaging children in all aspects of yoga
  • To find the child in you
  • To instill sacred principles of yoga in children’s lives
  • To create peace keeping in community through yogic practices as lifelong practices
  • To help children deal with difficulties in a productive, healthy manner
  • To support boys and girls on their sacred paths
  • To help bring healing to the lives of disenfranchised children
  • To aid children with self-regulating tools to lead productive, inspired , grateful lives

Course Description 

The online version of Color Me Yoga Foundations covers all the materials equivalent to an onsite 16 hour weekend Course covered over a 6 week period for best absorption of the material. This is a six(6) week on line course.

Each week you are assigned homework for that week, along with lesson plans . You must email that week’shomework by Sunday.Homework is reviewed on Monday. Any homework received after Monday will not be reviewed until the following Monday. You cannot receive your certificate of completion without doing all your homework. In addition, once you have completed your 6 weeks, in order to receive your certificate, you must submit your hours along with filling out your evaluation form. Once your hours have been reviewed, all homework has been completed, and your evaluation form has been filled out, you will receive your certificate, which is worth 32 CE's for Registered Yoga Teachers. Homework lateness is forgiven one time. After that, there is an additional $50  hourly charge to review your homework

Mondays, you have access to our one hour live broadcast focused on the theme for that week. You will receive a link to that week's session which you can review for the duration of your online course. These videos are available for download as reference tools.

In order to best serve your learning, you will document your hours spent each week reading, practicing on your own and with children and do your homework for that week. While the program is designed to have you teaching yoga to children, most of the homework becomes a personal journey of transformation.. You are not required to begin your practicum(practice teaching) until the 5th week of the course.  . Materials for each week are available on our Wiki . Access to all 6 weeks of the program is available for the full 6 weeks of the course. Please DO NOT jump ahead. The program is designed to be progressive. Allow your body, mind and spirit to take in the information at a comfortable pace. 

Once you pay for the training, fill out the application online which is available at the bottom of this page, sign and send to, you will be logged into the Wiki  . At the end of your week, you will email me your completed self assessment form-(see form attachment for each week.), describing what you covered in class, your triumphs, challenges, questions, ideas and concerns. After 6 weeks access to the classes will no longer be available. You will also have full access to our private Facebook page, where you can meet other students, collaborate and ask questions.

At the fifth week, you will be required to practice 4 sample classes, fill out assessment forms found at Week 5, and send these to me by email for review. You cannot receive your certificate of completion until these are finished. 

Please send completed application to