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Title: Geriatric Rehab 104: Evaluation of the Acute and Medically Complex Patient
Discipline: Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy
Subject: Geriatric Rehabilitation
Seminar Sponsor: Online CE
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Geriatric Rehab 104:  Evaluation of the Acute and Medically Complex Patient

        Understand the importance of the chart review in the evaluation of the acute and medically complex patient

        List 5 causes and clinical signs of electrolyte abnormality

        Understand the causes and signs of acid-base imbalances

        Outline the process of completing a systems review of the patient

        Become familiar with signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiency

        Outline signs associated with coronary artery disease and heart failure

        Outline signs associated with sepsis, vertigo, dehydration and metabolic syndrome

Instructor:  Brown, MS, OT, CHT

$54 3 CEU

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