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Title: Neurology 113: Neck Adjustments and Stroke: Just the Facts
Discipline: Chiropractic
Subject: Neurologic
Seminar Sponsor: Online CE
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Neurology 113:  Neck Adjustments and Stroke: Just the Facts

Goals and Objectives

        Summarize the anatomy and hemodynamics of the upper cervical spine and brain

        Discuss the nature of the pathophysiological changes common in arterial dissection

        Outline the various forms and limitations of the bedside examination and laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging

        Develop criteria for necessity of evaluation procedures (physical, orthopedic, neurologic)

        Justify the development and significance of recognition and management of vascular accidents

        Integrate current considerations regarding risk factors and therapeutic intervention

 Instructor:  Ferezy

$20 1.00 CEU

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