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Title: Neurological Exam for Chiropractors
Discipline: Chiropractic
Subject: Neurologic
Seminar Sponsor: Online CE
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Neurological Exam for Chiropractors

This Online Neurological Exam for Chiropractors course series may be taken in individual sections or as a complete set.  Course series consists of 7 sections:  Neurological Exam 101-107.

Goals and Objectives for the entire series includes:

1.        Demonstrate skills to properly perform a patient interview

2.        Examine the twelve cranial nerves during a clinical examination

3.        Perform and chart a neurological examination of the voluntary motor system and the somatic sensory system

4.        Properly grade and record reflexes and interpret the results

5.        Differentially Diagnose by applying clinical signs of cerebellar dysfunction

6.        Explain the psychophysiological profile of pain patients

7.        Apply an outline of fundamental procedures in performing a complete chiropractic neurological examination

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