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Seminar Details

Title: Vestibular Rehabilitation: Evaluation and Treatment of Dizziness and Balance
Date(s): 9/15/2017- 9/16/2017
Time: 8:00-5:30
Location/Facility: Wesley Medical Center
City, ST Wichita, KS
Discipline: Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy
Subject: Neurologic
Seminar Sponsor: Education Resources, Inc.
Phone Number: (508) 359-6533
Email Address:
Course Speaker: Jeff Walter, PT, DPT, NCS

Contact Hours: 14

Course Description: 

This evidence-based course will train clinicians in the practical management of vestibular disorders. The course will include instruction in anatomy and physiology, medical management, pathology, detailed bedside examination and treatment skills. The material will be presented in a lecture, lab and video case study format. Competence in the performance of a comprehensive office / bedside examination and treatment skills will be addressed in a lab format. The seminar is intended to enhance the clinicians ability to evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of VRT for vestibular disorders. Practical application of VRT to a variety of practice settings (outpatient, acute care, SNF, ER) will be discussed. An emphasis will be placed on the management of BPPV variants and vestibular hypofunction. 

Course Objectives: 

Perform a detailed bedside vestibular and balance examination Based on patient history and bedside examination, identify the specific features of:
  • Peripheral vestibular disorders
  • Central vestibular disorders
  • Non-vestibular dizziness
Course Brochure: