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Title: Rehabilitation for Older Adults with Dementia
Date(s): 11/4/2017- 11/5/2017
Time: Sat - 8 am to 6:30 pm; Sun - 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Location/Facility: United Hebrew
City, ST New Rochelle, NY
Subject: Geriatric Rehabilitation
Seminar Sponsor: GREAT Seminars and Books
Phone Number: (877) 794-7328
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Rehabilitation for Older Adults with Dementia:

Maximizing our Impact

Julie Ries, PT, PhD


Course Description

Do Older Adults with Dementia benefit from rehabilitation? Historically, individuals with dementia were excluded from exercise and rehabilitation efforts with the assumption that they would not be able to participate. We know so much more now about working with individuals with dementia! Given the aging baby boomers (the “Silver Tsunami”) and the incidence and prevalence of dementia in those over age 65, physical and occupational therapists in almost all practice arenas must be prepared to face the challenges of working with individuals with dementia. If we simply approach these patients as we do their cognitively intact peers, we are not likely to be successful. We must integrate and exploit what we know about the pathophysiology and motor, sensory, & behavioral implications of dementia. With an understanding of the physiological neuroprotective impact of exercise, the intricacies of motor learning in those with dementia, and developing therapeutic relationships within this special population, PTs will be better equipped to facilitate optimal outcomes. This course is designed to bring salient, practical, and evidence-based information to the practicing clinician to enhance the efficacy of physical and occupational therapy interventions for individuals with dementia. The course is a mix of lecture and interactive activities, with application of content to patient cases and group discussions related to clinical questions. The vast majority of individuals with dementia can benefit from activity-based exercise programs and rehabilitation if we design and carry out the interventions appropriately. This course provides the necessary content, strategies, and clinical reasoning practice to allow PTs to do just that.


This course is 20 contact hours for PTs, PTAs, OTs, and COTAs.


OTs/OTAs:  GREAT Seminars is an approved provider of continuing education by the AOTA. AOTA Provider #5363.


PTs/PTAs: GREAT Seminars courses are approved in many states for PTs and PTAs. To verify if this course is approved in your state, please check the brochure on our web site, or call our office.


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