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Seminar Details

Title: Healthcare Ergonomics
Date(s): 10/28/2017- 10/28/2017
Time: 8A-5P
Location/Facility: Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
City, ST Oakland, CA
Discipline: Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy - Chiropractic
Subject: Ergonomics
Seminar Sponsor: The Back School
Phone Number: (404) 355-7756
Email Address:

This 1-day Healthcare Ergonomics course will allow you to identify as well as resolve the common ergonomics risk factors facing Healthcare Workers today while gaining a fundamental understanding of general ergonomics principles.

We will review common risk factors that we see today in the American worker as well as discuss issues affecting the aging workforce. We will cover practical ergonomic solutions for the office worker, clinical staff, laboratory and pharmacy.

Participants will learn to create a proactive ergonomics plan and also see real world “before and after” examples of Pharmacy, Central Processing, and Laboratory environments.

Learners will also gain an understanding of a number of common ergonomics assessment tools (WISHA, NIOSH Lifting Formula, RULA, REBA, and Snook Psychophysical Tables).

This program also provides all of the components for creating an evidence-based Successful Safe Patient Handling Program as well as instructing on best practices for material handling tasks within environmental services, dietary services and central processing.

Finally, this course will instruct you on implementing a culture of safety while understanding cost benefit analyses to illustrate positive ROI.

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