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Seminar Details

Title: M2: Muscle Energy Technique for the Ribs, Upper Extremity, Thoracic, and Cervical Spine​
Date(s): 5/20/2017- 5/21/2017
Time: 8-5
Location/Facility: Northwest Hospital Outpatient Center
City, ST Seattle, WA
Discipline: Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy - Chiropractic
Subject: Orthopedic
Seminar Sponsor: Professional Therapies NW
Phone Number: (888) 365-1760
Email Address:
Presenter:  Tom Ockler, PT

Contact Hours:  16​

Who Should Attend:  Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers, Licensed Massage Practitioners, and Chiropractors.  All levels of clinical competency are welcome.

  • Please Note: Courses may be taken in any order i.e.:  M2 or ​​M4 may be taken before M1​. 
  • Register Early:  Our Muscle Energy continuing education courses tend to fill quickly.  ​​

M2 Course Objectives-

  • Understand the basic concepts of muscles as they relate to the somatic dysfunctions.
  • Understand the advantages of M.E.T. vs other manual techniques.
  • Be familiar with muscle spindle structure as well as its neuro-facilitatory functions.
  • Be able to palpate a "barrier" and understand the physiologic significance.
  • Identify gait / stance asymmetries as they relate to somatic dysfunction.
  • Palpate the basic bony landmarks of the Ribs, Shoulder, Thoracic / Cervical Spine.
  • Differentiate between Vertebral Artery, Upper Cervical Stability Testing and BPPV
  • Evaluate the Ribs, Shoulder, Thoracic and Cervical Spine for asymmetry and hypo-mobility.
  • Decide on a proper sequence for treating a variety of somatic asymmetries.
  • Perform basic Muscle Energy Techniques for the Ribs, Shoulder, Thoracic / Cervical Spine.
  • Be able to dialog with patients about perpetuating factors and Upper Cross Pattern.
  • Demonstrate basic stabilization exercises for Ribs, Shoulder, Thoracic / Cervical Spine.


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