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Occupational Therapy Seminar Listings in North America
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Seminars in the next month:

9/15/2016 - Auburn , WA - OT - PT - SLP - Chiro
Puget Sound Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2016 Occupational Ergonomics Symposium    (more...)
9/15/2016 - 1 pm and 7 pm EST - PT
Aquatics across the Lifespan for People with Neurologic Conditions   Webinar  (more...)
9/15/2016 - Washington , DC - OT - PT
American Society of Hand Therapists 2016 Annual Meeting    (more...)
9/16/2016 - Towson , MD - OT - PT
Foundations of Manual Therapy Practice Utilizing an Integrative Manual Therapy Approach: Modules 1 and 2 with a focus on Pediatrics    (more...)
9/16/2016 - Seattle , WA - OT - PT
Ligament Stimulation Utilizing a Tensegrity Medicine Model    (more...)
9/17/2016 - Boston , MA - OT - PT - Chiro
Lymphedema Therapy Certification    (more...)
9/19/2016 - Washington , DC - OT - PT
Capital Hill Day    (more...)
9/23/2016 - Towson , MD - OT - PT
The Art of Clinical Reasoning: Enhancing Sensory Integration Perspectives for Assessment and Intervention    (more...)
9/24/2016 - Seattle , WA - OT - PT - SLP
Bowen Module 1    (more...)
9/30/2016 - Towson , MD - OT - PT - SLP
Off We Go: An Introduction to Principles and Facilitation Utilizing NDT    (more...)

Online Courses:

Online CE for OT, PT, and Chiropractors  (more...)
by Online CE OT - PT - Chiro

Online Suicide Prevention Webinar ON DEMAND  (more...)
by Washington OT Association OT

Online Anti-Aging Certification Course  (more...)
by Online CE OT - PT - Chiro

Online Neuropathic Pain for Chiropractors  (more...)
by Online CE Chiro

Online Feeding Intervention 101  (more...)
by Online CE OT - SLP

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